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The Hays CISD Education Foundation was established in 1998 to support the students and staff of the Hays Consolidated Independent School District. We Raise Money to Support Teachers and Students of Hays CISD.

  • Encourage all students to work to their highest potential

  • Support staff for innovative efforts

  • Recognize staff for exemplary teaching

  • Build community awareness for the Hays CISD Education Foundation

  • Inspire parents and community to participate with the school district in enriching education

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At Hays CISD, we strive for the best - with no exceptions. We are 100% committed to excellence and success. We want all students to be excited, engaged, and inspired. We want all parents to feel welcome, included, and supported. We want all teachers and employees empowered to make a difference. We want all community members, taxpayers, and business partners to be involved and informed. Together, we are unstoppable. Together, we have the power to change the world.

Because money should never be a reason why a student cannot experience all that HaysCISD has to offer!

100% HaysCISD  initiative pairs each of our students with a club or activity, including everything from robotics to band to cosmetology! We are well on our way with 80% participation but have discovered that fees and associated costs sometimes prevent students from joining. That is why the HEF will be kicking off the 100% Hays Fund from which sponsors can seek assistance on behalf of their students. 


Currently, eighty percent of Hays CISD high school students are taking part in one of 27 programs of study – everything from aerospace engineering to biomedical sciences.

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