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Make your innovative idea a reality with a grant from the Hays Education Foundation! Funded by the community's generous donations, the grant program provides HCISD employees the opportunity to submit a grant request to fulfill an innovative teaching idea, need, or learning experience for Hays students and staff.


Please note that all grants awarded during the 2023-2024 cycle must be expended by May 24, 2024.

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Innovative Teaching Grants

If there’s a new tool that would enhance your teaching skills and supplement your classroom learning, we invite you to apply for the Innovative Teaching Grant. This grant is focused on the individual educator and improving his/her instructional skills. Funding is available up to $500.

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The Excellence in Education Grants provide resources for educators to execute innovative ideas, programs, materials, equipment, field trips, and various other needs that enhance student learning. All Hays CISD students are impacted by the grants in some capacity.

Because our student’s learning and potential should not be limited by state and federal funding or requirements!


Your gift helps educators execute innovative ideas and and covers the cost of programs, materials, equipment, field trips, and various other needs that enhance student learning.

Applications open Nov. 9 through Dec. 31, 2023.

Awards will be announced on Jan. 31, 2024.

Collaborative Grants

Collaborative grants are designed to provide resources for innovations that impact an HCISD program, entire campuses, an academic department or a grade level and that have the potential to significantly impact student achievement. Funding is available up to $5,000.


...because enrichment and innovation should not be limited by state and federal funding requirements!

HaysCISD receives funds to support professional development opportunities. However, those funds can be limited in amounts and in scope. That is why the HEF will be supporting Enriched Professional Development opportunities for teachers, principals, and administrators!

Enriched Professional Development

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Because money should never be a reason why a student cannot experience all that HaysCISD has to offer!


The 100% HaysCISD student grants initiative pairs each of our students with a club or activity, including everything from robotics to band to cosmetology! We are well on our way with 80% participation but have discovered that fees and associated costs sometimes prevent students from joining. That is why the HEF will be kicking off the 100% Hays Fund from which sponsors can seek assistance on behalf of their students. 


Currently, eighty percent of Hays CISD high school students are taking part in one of 27 programs of study – everything from aerospace engineering to biomedical sciences.

*Grants are open on a rolling cycle. They will be reviewed and awarded on a regular basis, as needed.




Educational needs go beyound grants for classroom supplies and professional development. We are ready to think BIG! Some foundations fund entire programs, assist with facility expansions, and even pay for specialty teacher positions! One Central Texas Foundation funded 55 positions for the 23-24 school year!

We are not there--yet--but you can help us go BIG AND BOLD!

*Grant applications involving C&I or technology must go through the EEG review process outlined in the EEG Grants FAQ linked below.

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Other Grant Opportunities

Seeking Grant opportunities hosted by entities not associated with HaysCISD? Please contact Stephanie Norris, Director of Federal Programs and Grants Management, at or 512.268.2141 ext. 45156

Congratulations to all of our Grant Day recipients!

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See More Grant Day Photos

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